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This page is for Walter Block, who was born in Munich on 6th June 1928 and died peacefully in Warwick on 12th October 2016.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Refugee Council instead of sending flowers for Walter's funeral, which took place on Tuesday 25 October, and also for donations made at the celebration of Walter's life, which took place in Warwick on Saturday 25 February 2017.

There have been such a lot of expressions of love for Walter since his death. 

Please feel free to make a donation to the Refugee Council using this page, or share pictures and memories too. If you click on the 'gallery' you'll see we've added a few already.

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Poem for Walter, on the occasion of his memorial celebration You understood what it takes to build a person like you. Materials such as loss, heartbreak, confusion, crushing separation and an early awareness Of the knowledge of good and evil. Yet you organised all of this within A quiet certainty of being loved. You rarely spoke of any of this, but you always knew which side was up. This meant there were other things you knew, too: Such as how German beer was the best (but you rarely drank it yourself); Why every single person you met was worth talking to (but you didn’t try to impress them). How you could make a difference by holding the space for a child, Simply by listening and being kind. How to be interested, and free of prejudice. You made loyalty and fidelity look easy. Sometimes it seemed as if you lived in a condition of simplicity, As if life was straightforward; As if you knew for certain we are all ok, as if you knew You can always catch the last train home. Alyss Thomas (niece) February 2017
Sent by Alyss on 03/20/2017
I will always remember Walter as a dear friend. Michael (my late husband) and Walter started work at Courtaulds around the same time in 1946. When they got together in the 1980's they had many memories to chat about from those days. Michael was very fond of Walter and admired his principles and kind deeds. We spent many happy times together with Ruth and Walter.
Sent by may youett on 01/10/2017
We hope that you find this tribute to Wal a place of comfort, support and inspiration for you to visit whenever you want or need to.
Sent by MuchLoved on 13/10/2016
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